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Foreign Trade Zone Information
The grant for FTZ #137 was obtained in 1987 at the request of the Economic Development Authorities in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties and Washington Dulles Foreign Trade Zone, Inc. was created as the Grantee. The Grantee's board of directors consists of the Executive Committee of the Task Force, as well as economic development representatives of Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William and Winchester-Frederick Counties. 

The primary service area of FTZ #137 is the Port of Washington, D.C., which includes the District of Columbia, the City of Alexandria, and the Virginia counties of Loudoun, Fairfax, Arlington, Prince William, Frederick, Clarke and all independent cities and towns within those counties. As the zone based at Virginia's (and, in fact, the Washington, DC region's) major international airport, FTZ #137 has a responsibility to provide zone services, particularly with respect to air related international commerce.

Zone #137's approved general purpose sites are: 
Site 1: 243 acres Within the Washington Dulles International Airport complex. 
Site 2: 2 buildings totaling 153,125 square feet located at 110 Terminal Drive, Sterling, Virginia. 
Site 3: 141.66 acres located near the intersection of Routes 606 and 621, Loudoun County. 
Site 4: 183 acres, consisting of 6 parcels within the 330-acre Fort Collier Industrial Park, U.S. Route 11, Winchester and 14 acres located  at 402 McGhee Road, Winchester operated by Great American Trading Company. 
Site 5: 64 acres contiguous to the Winchester Regional Airport consisting of three industrial parks. 
Parcel 1A: 5-acre Pegasus Business Center, Airport Road, Winchester. 
Parcel 1B: 49 acres within the 219-acre Airport Business Center, Airport Road, Winchester. 
Parcel 2: 10-acre AeroCentre Business park, east of U.S. Highway 522 South, Winchester. 
Site 6: 155 acres, 6 parcels within the 236-acre Wrights Run complex, U.S. Route 522 and new Route 624, Winchester consisting of two industrial parks. Parcels 1-4 and 6 consist of 71 acres located within the Jouan Global Center. Parcel 5 consists of 84 acres within the Wrights Run Industrial Park.

Use of the on-airport site was limited to aviation related activities by the federal law which transferred operation of the airport to local control in 1987. As a result, the majority of activity applicable to a general purpose zone cannot be undertaken within the on-airport site. Specifically, the on-airport site may not be used for general economic development. Businesses cannot be located on-airport unless they have a direct relationship to the operation of aircraft. Cargo moving on aircraft can be warehoused on the airport, but it cannot be processed, manipulated, assembled into a product (unless it is into an aircraft), or manufactured. 

The Grantee's first action to address this problem was a boundary modification approved on September 30, 1994, to provide approximately three acres of general purpose zone space just off the airport.

The first expansion application concerned approximately 141.66 acres in Loudoun County, off-airport but immediately adjacent to the airport's future cargo development area. The second expansion application included approximately 490 acres in Winchester, VA. The Winchester region is replete with distribution and assembly activities which are conducive to foreign trade zone procedures.

In 2006, the Department of Commerce approved a minor boundary modification deleting 16 acres from the western portion of current Site 4 and adding a 14-acre site located at 402 McGhee Road, Winchester, Virginia, within the Stonewall Industrial Park.